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The main body material is CORDURA Ballistic_fabric1680d nylon, which is more durable than regular nylon and resistant to friction and tearing. By aligning two twisted threads of 840d vertically and 840d horizontally, the fabric has stronger friction and tear strength. The attached leather is North American steer leather that is dyed by adding a large amount of tannin to create a base and applying oil. After that, tannins and oils are blended by working the leather overnight. When finishing, we apply oil and heat the leather again to give it a different look. The lower part of the nickel-plated brand tag is printed with military-themed specs, and the tape is made of nylon tape, giving this series a military feel.​
Size W240 H480 D130 mm
Weight About 980g.

Cordura ballistic Fabric 1680D sunnyunome oil stealer


The leather used in the accessories is finished with only dye to bring out the original texture of the leather, so there may be slight color variations. Also, please note that due to the nature of the bare finish, it is impossible to avoid stains due to water exposure or discoloration due to light irradiation. Also, since it uses oil, please note that if you store it in contact with other materials for a long time, the oil and color may transfer.


The main storage includes a space that is available for tablets and laptops.

It has a drawcord so you can easily fit large luggage.

Even if you can't open the flaff, the fasnas set in the site can be used to make things get out of the way.

It also has a fastener type cricket on the front. It is convenient to store and store small accessories frequently.

The top of the flaff is also equipped with a fastener-type hoboquet.

There is also a zippered pocket on the upper back side. Convenient for storing valuables etc.

Equipped with pockets on both sides.

The pocket on the back side is convenient for putting in and taking out your cell phone while carrying it on your back.

Comes with a chest belt that can secure the shoulder strap.