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SPEC ver. 2, 2WAY Tot Bag No. 02563-V2

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The main material is 210d on the Tate thread and 420d for 420d to yoko is a dense nighttzil. Since it is highly densely woven, it has a coxy texture, and it has a glossy face, so it is made up of a fine expression. It is made of a high-density nylon dough that is water-mizu-processed in the finish. The adjunct is the Schlincreder, which uses the bark of black wool cattle. It is made by using vegetable oils, tannins, and dyes in order to produce the soft-eyed softness of the wage-cows of the wagyu. The semi-aniline finishing of fine particles is produced to produce a gentle color that is not only a dye, and it has a slightly more water effect and foul stopper effect. It is a reza with a good touch and taste by 8 hours to 10 hours of milling processing to produce a natural sebo in the embosage process.
Size W370 H330 D130 mm
Weight About 1040 grams.

High-density nylon twill / Japanese black beef shrink leather (embossed)


Please note that due to the characteristics of the leather material, slight color blurring and discoloration cannot be avoided.


The back side of the main storage has a pocket that can store a 15-inch MacBook and a pocket that can store an iPad.

The front side is equipped with a fastener pocket.

There is a hook pocket on the back side. The pockets have partitions, making them ideal for storing things like smartphones and pens.

The shoulder pads are used for the use of urethane, which relieve the burden on the shoulders.

You can remove the shoulder straps.

The tape is attached to the hook of the zipper so that it can be opened and closed on the glove or the like.

Metal plate name common to the series.