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To the body materialCORDURA® Brand Fabric and Master-Piece original fabricMastertex-09,This is a SPEC-CL (specs) series exclusively for directly managed stores that combine domestic raw leather in military taste. Each out pocket is excellent in capacity and durability, and the body that makes you feel military is an excellent backpack that applies to town use, business scene, and travel.

・ The body material is It has the strength of friction, tear, slimming, etc.Invista's Cordura® Brand Fabric
MASTER-PIECE original fabric "MasterteX-09 ️" that combines durability, water resistance and water repellency
* Olive only "MasterteX-07 ™️"use
Domestic produced with waterproof agent scotchgard®leather
・ Pocket that can store tablets and Mac Book Pro 15 Inch in the main storage
Enriched out pockets that can store various gadgets
・ Drink holder on the side
・ The gusset can be adjusted according to the amount of luggage
・ Includes a buckle belt that can fix the bag
Size W300 H490 D180 mm
Weight About 1230g

MASTERTEX-09™️ (CORDURA Ballistic ® Hollofil Air™️ fabric 1680d × 840d 100 % transparent, moisture waterproof film L-Vent ® Raminet processing)
waterproof Kauler (3M SCOTCHGARD)


Because it is not completely waterproof, please note that it is not possible to prevent the penetration of water from the needle hole in the sewing part. If you leave the nylon material for a long period of time, leave the film on the back or peel off. The water repellent processing becomes the processing of the surface, and when it is used, the effect of friction is reduced. In addition, the water repellent power is lost by the dust and other dirt stuck on the cloth. After use, it is recommended to remove the dirt, and the dirt of the dirt repellent on the market Please use this product with water repellent. When I use it, I often read the notes carefully, so I try to blow it out. The attached leather may be peculiar to leather individual wrinkles and scratches. Please be aware that there may be a possibility of color shift or change color due to friction. Please note that it may become a stain if it is wet to rain or water because of natural leather.


There is a zippered hanging pocket on the back side of the main storage.

When you flip it up, you'll find a pocket that can hold a 15-inch MacBook and a pocket that can hold an iPad.

The storage area at the bottom of the front has mesh pockets and pockets with partitions, making it ideal for storing smartphones, pens, etc.

The storage area at the top of the front has mesh pockets and pockets with partitions, making it ideal for storing smartphones, pens, etc.

There is also a zipper pocket on the back side. Since it is the part that corresponds to your back, it is convenient for storing valuables such as wallets.

There are pockets on the sides, and the gusset width can be adjusted using the buckle depending on the amount of luggage.

It has a buckle belt that can secure the bag.

The tape is attached to the hook of the zipper so that it can be opened and closed on the glove or the like.

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