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The body material is 100D cordal ® 450D CorDora for the dandelion thread ® It uses a bright text-06 nylon that has a durable fastness by adding a bright thread to a high density twill. Special moisture permeable film ® It is a three layer structure which is laminated with tricot nylon, and it is an original fabric with water resistance of 2000 mm. The appendix is 1680D corduroy stestec, which has about 5 times the wear, tear strength and durability of nylon ® Nylon and PVC processing to improve strength and waterproofing. The attached leather is tanned with natural tannic natural tannery, and it is made into a matte finish, and it is made into a matte finish that makes use of the waterproof pigment. In the final process, mold is pushed, and it is made to be a leather like expression. The main surface of the main body is 210D nylon fabric with antibacterial and deodorizing effect to control the reproduction of Staphylococcus aureus which causes odor, prevents the odor from the secretion. In the functional side, it is suitable for storage of PET bottle, folding umbrella, and water repellent 3 layer nylon with water repellent and waterproof. In addition to the handle (except for the day pack and the tote bag), a very strong magnetic field of the neodymium magnet is embedded, and the handle is made by the magnetic force.
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Size W295 h405 D105 mm
Weight About 960g

MASTERTEX-06TM (CORDURA ® 100d × 420d NYLON 100 % - 100 % permeable water film L-Vent ® laminate processing) /CORDURA Ballistic ® fabric 1680d nylon (PVC coating) /Envos Cowlezer (Bezi tab, tannin, chinch-like)


If the nylon material of the main body is left wet for a long time, the film on the back may peel off or deteriorate, so be sure to dry it before storing. Please note that it is not completely waterproof and cannot prevent water from entering through the zipper or needle holes in the sewn parts. The included leather has some color blurring. Also, please note that due to the characteristics of the material, discoloration and fading cannot be avoided.
Please note that metal parts will inevitably experience peeling of plating or discoloration over time, which is a characteristic of the product.
Do not bring IC cards, etc. close to the magnetic part of the handle. This may cause a magnetic failure and may prevent it from being read correctly.


The main storage of the main storage system.The front portion contains the pockets of the mesh.

There is a pocket on the back side that can store a laptop.

The upper part of the front has a pocket with a waterproof zipper.

The front portion of the dough has a PVC coating pocket on the back side of the dough.

The front part and interior of both sides of the pockets are useful for storing wet things such as umbrellas and plastic bottles using the three-layer material for the original fabric, MASTERTEX-06, and so on.

Moreover, this pocket is designed so that the inside of the pocket is spread inside, and the shape is hard to collapse even if the package is stored.

The front portion of the front and side of the side of the pocket are air-mouthed.

The harness has a master-piece piss name and the buckle is engraved.

You can store the harness on the back side and use it as a briefcase.

There are 4 studs on the bottom of the bag.

The handle is embedded with a neodymium magnet with strong magnetic force and holds together.

master-pisname for piece of piece.

The back side is a carry bar correspondence.