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The main body material is a blend of two types of yarn, 66 nylon and 6 nylon, both vertically and horizontally, and the 1000D nylon yarn is plain-woven and dyed using ATY processing (which uses a machine to incorporate air into the yarn itself) to create volume. The fabric has a natural feel, similar to natural fibers, and has random shading. Also, by coating the back side of the fabric with twice the amount of PU as usual, it gives the fabric just the right amount of volume. The attached material is Okamoto Co., Ltd.'s highly transparent polyvinyl chloride, and the series features a unique color combination of nylon, polyvinyl chloride, and felt. A key ring with the master-piece logo print is included.
Size W345 H405 D155mm
Weight About 540g.

1000d Nylon Ox/Okamotosuha


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PVC film generates static electricity due to friction, etc. When transporting or storing the product, avoid places with high temperatures, high humidity, or direct sunlight, store it without applying pressure, and take measures to prevent it from deforming. Do not bring it close to a heat source as it may soften or melt. Please note that PVC film contains plasticizers, which may react and cause color transfer to leather or other materials containing plasticizers.


There is a Velcro pocket on the back side of the main storage.

There is also storage on the back side. Convenient for storing laptops, etc.

The master-piece roko of the master-piece and the key link with the fleshed lint are still in use.

The color conch of nylon, holly chloride, and felt is characterized by a distinctive sirese.

The shoulder strap has tape that can be used to hang keychains, carabiners, etc.

Plate name common to the series.