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SOFT BackPack L No.02430

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It has a lightness and softness by using a fabric with a thick impression of 80g of cotton bonding on the back of the environmentally friendly flat weave recycled nylon (Reconhny®).Unique textureThe "Soft" series is characterized by.

For the body materialUse Reconhny®.
It will be a recycled nylon of Hiro weave that takes into account the environment regenerated from the waste of fiber that has become no longer used.
・ We are gashed to finish the soft and vintage texture while leaving the supple touch unique to nylon.
To the same materialThe design is accented by using the quilt -processed fabric together.
・ You can use it regardless of the season.

* This is a pre -ordered product. It will be shipped sequentially from mid -November.

Size W315 H425 D175 mm
Weight Approximately 520g

40D Recycled nylon (Reconhny®) Cotton bonding processing


Thin nylon materials cannot withstand excessive friction or scratches.
The wrinkles of the material are processed by processing, which is the characteristic of the material. Please note that the texture of the material has individual differences by lot.


There is a pocket on the front part.

The flap part can be opened and closed with one touch with a button.

The back of the main storage has a pocket for accessories.

The main storage can be opened and closed with a draw code.

The main storage is accessible from the side zipper.

The back has a convenient pocket for storing wallets.