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master-piece × MIZUNO backpack L No.02420-mz

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The main body fabric uses 110d nylon for the warp thread and 150d polyester cation for the weft thread, and we have carefully chosen the dyeing method to create a chambray feel reminiscent of the colors of both brands. It is a 3-layer material with a waterproof film and tricot nylon attached to the back of the fabric. The attached leather is the glove leather used in MIZUNO's baseball gloves. The raw leather is mainly steer leather from Arizona. Although it is chrome tanned, it is thick, lightweight, and has unique elasticity. It is required to have a variety of things such as durability and heat resistance, and is also characterized by good color development and because it is not cored, it has a color scheme that matches the cross section of the leather. In addition, since it is finished with a bare finish, you can enjoy the natural aging of the leather. The design has a high-tech image, with rainbow reflective materials, leather pine padding and patterns surrounding the brand collaboration name. This is the third in a collaboration series with sports brand MIZUNO.

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Size W290 H540 D150mm
Weight About 1,050g.

3 Rayer Shamblazil (back waterproof film processing)/Grabaezer/CORDURA BallisticR_fabric 1680d nylon/TTR Aurora reflective polyurethane


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The dough used the nylon 110d and the polyastercathion 150d for the yarn and the dyeing method to image the colors of the two brands, and the dough was attached to the dyeing technique.It is a three-layer material with a waterproof film on the back side of the dough and a pasting on the trichotnylon.The adjunct is MIZUNO for the graphesar used for the baseball grabs.The original skin is primarily a stealer in Arizona.You have a thick, lightweight, lightweight resilience with a chrome that's being exempliable.It is characterized by a variety of things such as durability and heat-resistant, and it is also characterized by the cross-section and coloring of the rezers because they are not coloring or intertwitting.Also, since it is finished with a bare up, it can be enjoyed by the change of the original age of leather.We have designed a high-tech image of the material, the reza, and the pattern of the leaser that is trajecing to Rainbow's brand.This will be the third collaboration series with MIZUNO, a sports brand.


Main storage that opens wide. There is a zippered pocket on the back side.

There is a pocket on the bottom where you can store your shoes.

Laptop and tablet can be stored on the back zipper pocket.

The split type is lined with YKK METALLION®, and the subtle shine peeking through the tape is an accent.

Comes with a buckle to secure the sacoche from the same series.

Master-piece x MIZUNO embossed collaboration name.

A rear tape can be passed through the caliber bar.