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Progress Sling Bag No. 02393

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A smooth facial expression and a sling bag of the "Progress series" of the master-piece (masterpiece), which was used by the shiny nightingale, and the cowlezar used for combinations, were impressive.A PVC coating is provided on the back side of the dough to provide waterproofing and a sense of harry.It is a sporty impression of a coating color, and is also active in the town youth as well as neo-workers, who carry only limited luggage and other necessities.The nature of the bisicle style is an extraction.

a pocket that can subdivide a gadget, etc. on the back of the main storage
A code-type court cap that can be attached to a key, for example, within the main storage.
YKK: hydrophobic fasner with water-water effect
You can adjust your shoulder straps to your shoulders right and left.
a switchable buckle with a single touch
Size W170 H300 D55mm
Weight About 310g

100d Nighlon Till (PVC Corting)/Oildka Caurezer (Convenience Store)


If the dough is wet for a long time, the coating on the back side will be dissociated or degraded, so please make sure to dry it and keep it. Because it is not fully waterproof, it is not possible to prevent water penetration, such as fasteners and needles, which are sewing parts. Leather did not use pigments at all, and the leather was made with a lot of dye, which was a little bit of color, so the color of the leather was slightly different. Also, please accept that the color of change cannot be avoided due to the characteristics of the Raise.When it is wet or wet, it is a source of shimi or a discoloration, so if you get wet, you should quickly remove the water air.


There is a Velcro pocket on the back side of the main storage. Comes with a corded eggplant crown. Convenient for storing keys etc.

The front part also has a pocket.

You can remove the shoulder straps.

The backup at the top of the strap can be opened and closed with a single touch.

The zipper pull has the MSPC logo.

Foil-stamped name common to the series.

The front part uses a YKK Aquaguard zipper that has been treated to make it waterproof.