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Progress Coating Ver. Backpack

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The body material uses a 600D polyester fabric with an eco -friendly highly durable polyurethane coated on the surface, which is friendly to the environment, which is an environment -eliminated solvent that causes environmental pollution. The surface is a material featuring a rubber -like texture while using a separate glossy feeling by using a separate paper that imagined aya weaving. The attached fabric uses a nylon thread with few 120D impurities in the vertical yarn thread, and Miracosmo® of Toray Co., Ltd. It is a fabric featuring a ridge that has an elegant glossy feeling by woven carze. In addition, PVC processing is applied to the back to give it waterproof and firm. The attached leather is applied with a dye after applying oil processing based on a cow leather tanned in a combination, so that the supple and depth of the color are produced, and then milling (rubbing the leather and putting out the grain and tsuya). We use leather with a unique texture by applying. The interior fabric uses a 420D nylon fabric with antibacterial and deodorant effects to control the breeding of streptococci, which causes odor, to prevent the odor generated from the secretion. The main zipper uses a YKK water -repellent zipper with a water -repellent effect on the tape, and his YKK Aqua Guard Fastener, which has a water stoppage on the front part. Equipped with a convenient pocket for storing laptops and tablets, a simple design and coated fabric corresponding to business and casual scenes, and can be used in various situations that are resistant to water.
Size W270 H405 D85mm
Weight Approximately 810g

600D polyester (surface: high durable polyurethane) / nylon twill (PVC coating) / oiled cower (combination tanning)


If the body fabric is left for a long time while wet, the coating on the back side may be peeled off or it may deteriorate, so be sure to dry it before storing. Please note that water can not be prevented from the zipper or the needle hole, which is the sewing part, as it is not completely waterproof. Leather does not use any pigments, but uses a lot of dye to use the original texture of leather, so there are some color blur. Also, please note that the color is not avoided due to the characteristics of the rising. If it gets wet with rain or water, it may cause spots and discoloration, so if it gets wet, remove the water promptly.


There is a space on the back side of the main storage that can store laptops and tablets.

The storage on the front side has a pocket with a partition and a code -type eggplant crown. It is convenient for storing keys.

The storage on the front side has a pocket with a partition and a code -type eggplant crown. It is convenient for storing keys.

There is also a zipper pocket at the bottom of the front part.

There is also a pocket on the back side.

The zipper puller contains the MSPC logo.

The front part uses a YKK Aqua Guard Fastener with a treatment that has a water stoppage.

The bottom of the bag has four studs for reinforcement.

A press name common to the series.