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The main material is more durable than a normal nylon, and uses the "CORDURA" Ballistic ® fabric1680d nylon, which is strong in friction and tear.Tate 840d Yoco 840d has two sets of twisted yarn, which are more frictional and more torn, reinforced with the surface on the plectrum, and the PU cotinck on the back side.The rezaing of adjunct materials is used as a waterproofed lesion. The main fasner uses the YKK hydrophagic fastener, which has a water-water effect on the tape, and the YKK Akakaing, which handles the front portion of the water, as well as the fastener.It was equipped with a howicket, which would be convenient for the storage of a rough ketf, a taff, and so on, with a thin, thin, thin, cynese that corresponds to the Ness and the machine scene, and the use of a siz-in-between a variety of situations and the use of the messenger is used.
Size W270 h408d85mm approximately 12L
Weight About 720g

CORDURA Ballistic® fabric 1680d nylon waterproof leather


If nylon material is wet for a long time, the coating on the back side will be dissociated or the cause of deterioration will be degraded, so please keep it dry and keep it in storage.if it's going to be used, by friction,
I'm going to fade the fruit.In addition, the hydrophobic force is also lost due to the hokori and other stains attached to the dough.a water-repellated spray spray that has been sold in a moderately brushing product after use
in order to be used as a means of spawning.Wet by rain or water causes a shimi or a discoloration, so if you get wet, you should quickly remove the water air.


The back of the main storage can store a MacBook Pro 15inch laptop.

Back storage suitable for storage of valuables

The rear of the main storage is provided with a code-expression eggplant, which is useful for suspends, for example.

The zipper pocket is also on the bottom of the front part.

The front part uses the YKK Aqua Guard fastener, which is used to treat the water as a stoppage.

A user-friendly Leather Handle.

You can attach keys, carabiners, chest belts, etc. to the shoulder strap.