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link 2WAY mini Boston bag No.02353-v2

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The main body fabric is made of nylon twill fabric that has been specially processed.
The warp thread is 210D and the weft thread is 420D, and the fabric is specially processed to shrink the fabric, making it denser and more resilient. The included leather is chrome tanned and dyed, then finished with pigment, and then embossed with square grain to increase the strength of the surface and give it an elegant look. By applying color to the embossed uneven top, the shadows are clear and a sense of depth is expressed.

Size W220 H130 D130 mm
Weight About 260g

Embossed leather nylon twill


The included leather has some color blur. Please note that the color change can not be avoided on the characteristics of the material.
In addition, please note that the surface of the leather surface may be peeled off, such as alcohol or disinfectant.


The front part has a Velcro storage compartment.

The side pocket can store AirPods etc.

The zipper has a leather pull.

The shoulder strap is removable.