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Link Choke Bag No. 02352-v2

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The link series of master-piece (masterpiece), which symbolics the original Calabina symbol.
The materials and accessory attached to the special processing are not only strong, but also the shadows and the depth of the shadows, and the rux is also made up of elegy goods.
A design that is easy to use in unisex by updating a charmining shape and color, as well as a master-piece of master-piece, such as Calabina and Leather, has been updated.It can also be pulled into a bag or a belt, or it can be carried to a kinto or a kinto.

Carabins with series symbols can be carried in a bag or a belt with a belt.
-Main storage is opened and closed under Draw code.
-Sholder straps can be removable
Size W125 H185 mm
Weight About 230g

Nylon Tails, Special Processing, Engbokhreza


There are some color beets that are used for the appendage.Please note that the characteristics of the materials cannot be avoided. Please note that if alcohol or disinfectant is attached to it, it is possible that the finish of the leather surface will be peeled off.


Main storage that opens wide. A leather name is embroidered on the back side.

There is also an open pocket on the front part.

The main storage system is opened and closed in the draw code.

The rear of the tape is with Kalabina and the tape.It can be incorporated into a belt loop, or attached to a bag. Tapes are useful for carrying.

The shoulder strap is removable.

Series common type pressed name.