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LINK 2WAY Sholder Bag S No. 02349

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master-piece (masterpiece) link series.
The materials and accessorts that increase the density and have the cosy in the special processing do not use any harmful substances in the human body, and are using an eco-cowlser.
In a little compact silhouette, the combination of colour and reza has become accented.It is convenient to store small things that are available for use in the first place or on the destination.He plays for unsex as a small sholder bag.

Pocket in front of front
-Main storage can be opened and closed by a hock.
If you drop a sholder strap, it can be used as a Totbag.
-Sholder straps can be backlash with length adjustment.
Size W190 H190 D55mm
Weight About 200 grams.

Nylon twill (special processing) / JES standard certified eco-numerous leather


The reza, which is used as an appendome, is a dye in order to make use of the texture of the original, and the color of dye is the same, and the color of the dye is slightly more and more.Also, in the characteristics of bare water, the color of devotness should not be used to avoid the avoidable color, and it should be completed in the same way.


Hook-type main storage. There is a Velcro pocket on the back.

The front part has pockets.

Buckle that can be removed with one touch.

We use a plain weave name with a vintage feel.