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LINK shoulder bag

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The body fabric is made of special processing on nylon twills. Special processing is applied to the vertical yarn and the 420d fabric to the 210D and the horizontal yarn to contract the fabric to increase the density and have a stiffness. The attached leather is chrome tanned and dyed with dye, then finished with pigments, and pressed on the square grain -shaped to increase the surface strength, looks elegant, and finally stuck in head (finally. The shadow is clearly expressed by applying a color to the top of the embossed unevenness. This series is the point of the original carabiner finished with black x gold color scheme. (Sacoche mini shoulder and chalk bag do not have the original carabiner)
Size W245 H165 D80 mm
Weight About 370g

Nylon twill (special processing)/ embossi cowler


The leather used for the attached has some color blurring. Please note that the color is inevitable due to the characteristics of the material. Also, please note that if alcohol or disinfectant adheres, the finish of the leather surface may be peeled off.


There is a pocket divided into left and right on the back side of the main storage.

There is also a zipper pocket on the front side.

The front has a pocket separated left and right.

There is a handle at the top of the main unit.

The shoulder strap can be removed.

The fastener puller has leather.

A common embossed leather name for the series.