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FDMTL x master piece Waist Bag No.02346-fd2

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Komatsu matteret Co., Ltd ®- The special processing called "en" is made, and it is flexible, and it has the hardness of independence, and it is like the kelp of the marine product, and it is the characteristic of the feeling of the feeling and the sense of feeling in the special material, "the special material" is said to be a special material, and the special work of "fdmtl" Komatsu matterta Co., Ltd. ® The rich color of 167 million colors, and the advanced technology that controls it uses the original "Ralph Lauren" which expresses the clear tone. Mona Lisa ® It is an environmentally conscious material that makes use of waste dye and chemicals to reduce water, resources and energy necessary for processing. The included dough is usually about 5 times the thickness of nylon, tear, tear strength and durability ® 1680D nylon & 1680D Corte ® Nylon is used. In addition, I use the chemical nutraceuticals of 1.8m / m thick (100 senecenectic STTA at 100 certification) which is made of 100% of the material which is harmful to the other human body and hexavalent chromium which is harmful to other human body such as medicine and dye which causes environmental pollution.

The master piece is linked to the sheath of the fmltl icon to the heath ®- EN and Mona Lisa ® With high precision processing technology, it is possible to make the fictitious finish of the old fold lint processing.

Size W320135 1380 mm
Weight About 330g.

320d nylon twill (KONBU®-N・MONALISA®) / CORDURA® fabric 1000d nylon / CORDURA Ballistic® fabric 1680d nylon / 600d polyester / 1.8mm thick cow leather (vegetable tanned)
NISSENKEN Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification


The method of taking out the print pattern is not uniform. Please understand beforehand. The leather that is used is not only the individual difference in color but also the discoloration caused by tanning. In addition, please be careful if it gets wet with rain or water black. If you get wet or wet with water, it may cause stains or discoloration, so please remove water quickly. Please note that the specification of the product may change without notice.


There is a pocket on the back side of the main storage.

There is also a zipper pocket on the back side.

It is characterized by the original Kalabina, which was finished with a black x gold distribution.

Buckle that can be opened and closed in a single touch.

Fassner's pull is with a razor.

Fdmtl x master - the name of the piece.