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Link Stripe Ver. Backpack

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The main body fabric is 0.3 mm thick tables P.V.c. C. C. C. Processing is performed based on a Dungarian material, which has a natural color yarn and a color yarn, and a fabric with an expression by applying further embossing. In addition, we have used special processing of nylon twill. The fabric is contracted by special processing to the 420D fabric on the vertical yarn, and the density is made more dense. The accessory leather is a Hazardous substance test (JES) with 13 standards of the Japan Leather Technology Association and used Eco Cowletter with vegetable tannin without any substance and hexavalent chromium harmful to the human body. A resort sense of stripe pattern and a combination of colorful nylon is a characteristic SS season model.
Size W290 H420 D115mm
Weight Approximately 840g

Dungary Stripe 0.3mm thick table P.V.C. Embossed / nylon twill (special processing) / JES standard certification eco nomereser


Due to the characteristics of P.V.C processing, the hole in the sewing part may be whitened due to the characteristics of P.V.C processing. Please understand as the characteristics of the material. The leather used for the attached is finished only with dyes to make use of the original texture of the leather, so there is some color blurring. Also, please note that the color is not avoided due to the characteristics of the rising.


The main storage front has a hanging pocket.

There is also a pocket on the front part.

There is also a pocket on the side.

There is a handle at the top of the bag.

The details of the shoulder strap are based on the old outdoors.

The fastener has a leather puller.

Gold x silver bracket is Master-Piece original.

The leather name common to the series has a foil stamping print.