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In the dough, the knonne of Ta Yo, 320d, and the Konpi of 320d in 320d, have a special process called "®" - e-ne, and have the hardness of self-reliance, and it has the hardness of self-reliance, and it has the greatest characterization of the texture, the texture, the texture, the texture, and the "FDMTL" (the "FDMTL"), and the rags in Nimha are the rags in Nimha. Monissa in the Komatsu Matere (stock) is a 167million colorful lot of colors, and the advanced skills that control it have been tinged with, and the Orizes, which were expressed in the same way, are using Rick as well as the alligate.Monissa, which uses wasteful dyes and chemicals, is used for environmentally conscious materials that reduce the amount of water, resource, and energy needed for processing by drastically reducing the amount of water and energy required for processing. The dough is used in combination with a combination of 1000d coate of INVISTA, which is usually about five times the wear, tear, and durability of the nylon, and is used in conjunction with the recek nylon of 1680d cote.Also, it is a 1.8m/m thick echo of the NISSENKEN ecotex in order to use drugs, dyes, and other substances that are harmful to environmental pollution, as well as the 1.8m/m thick economy with a 100 % howl and a ruthenanin. (100 % engrated, 100 % methane, the Ecotta of the NISSENKEN) are used by the user.

The master-piece, the standard link, and the constant link seal of the piece, as well as the FDMTL's icon of FDMTL is the rags, which are the icons of FDMTL, and the high-precision processing technology of both the Japanese and Monissa is a combination of the various different materials together with the various other materials, including the one with the high-precision machining technique of ultra-ameliation, which enables the supernatural process of the former.

Size W260 H395 D120 mm
Weight About 620g

320d Nylontzil (KONBU ®-N, MONALISA ®)/CORDURA ® fabric 1000d Nylon/CORDURA Ballistic ® fabric 1680d Nylon/600d Polyyester/1.8mm thick cauclezer (beettaburtanning/shingen)
NISSENKEN Ecotex Standard 100 Certification


Due to the method of taking the dough, the print pattern is not uniform.Please be careful. The rezers used with them are not only different in color, but also cause a change of sunburn.Also, please be careful when you are wet with rain or water and you will be black. Wet by rain or water causes a shimi or a discoloration, so if you get wet, you should quickly remove the water air. Please note that the specifications for the product may change without notice.


The main storage front part is hung with a pocket pocket.

The front part also has a pocket.

There are also pockets on the sides.

It is characterized by the original Kalabina, which was finished with a black x gold distribution.

The zipper pull has leather.

A key holder can be attached to the tape on the loop arranged on the shoulder strap.

FDMTL x master-piece name.