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EXPAND 3WAY briefcase l

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The body material uses 610D polyester Cordura_fabric, which is resistant to friction, tearing, and slipping. In order to give the fabric firm and stiff, 0.15mm thick hard P.V.C is topped on the back. In addition, since the surface is teflon_ processing, there is a function of water repellency and antifouling. The attached fabric uses 1680D thick nylon material, and the attached leather uses a combination -tanned leather to give a moderate thickness and soft texture. After tanning, it is a leather featuring a unique texture by applying a milling process (rubbing in and shining and shiny). The same color gradation with different materials is the point of nylon tape on the front and enhanced functional aspects.
Size W440 H310 D140 (mm)
Weight About 1200G

610D Polyester Cordura_100% (0.15m /M Hard P.V.C processing) Teflon_ processing /1680D NYLON100%


Regarding dyes that dye polyester materials, they use distributed dyes instead of dyes used for normal nylon, so if leather and metal fittings are kept in contact for a long time and stored in high humidity, they will be shifted. Please be careful when storing and using it because there is a fear. The attached leather does not use pigments, but is finished only with dyes to use the original texture of the leather, so there is some color blurring. In addition, please be careful about white clothing, etc., as the color will be discolored due to the characteristics of the oil finish.