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Ben Sherman waist bag

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The material of the body is 600D polyester with 0.2 mm thick p.v.c. coating that enhances waterproofing. Polyester fabric as base material is a material that is considered to be an environment that is dyed with dyes that do not contain harmful substances such as hexavalent chromium. In addition, it uses 0.44 mm thick turmerine with the surface of the surface of the fabric is made by embossing the fabric of the fabric, so it is very high waterproof and durability. The mesh used in the front pocket is woven with nylon thread, and it is finished to a durable mesh by dipping PVC while stabilizing the dimension. It uses two kinds of fabric to increase the strength. CorDora ® It is possible to give strength to friction, tear, and tear by placing the nylon nylon of 420D (bright thread) of the titanium fiber 420D that satisfies the brand fabric standard, and it is ® This product is made of laminated fabric of 3 layer structure, laminated with tricott nylon, and tritext 05 nylon and 840D thread, and the dough of 1680D nylon that enhances strength by using P. v. C. coating to enhance durability. You can attach the original key ring that comes with all models to the tape attached in the loop shape at the design point. The storage space of the mesh part can be used as a space to put sandals or wet towels, and the zipper of the water stop zipper is matched with the turmeric, so it is a high waterproof pocket.
Size W300 H200 D60 mm
Weight About 450g

0.2mm thick PVC coding backing 600d polyester /0.44mm thick embossed tarpaulin / PVC mesh /MASTERTEX-05(CORDURA®420d nylon 100% breathable waterproof film L-Vent® laminated) /1680d nylon backing PVC


Due to the characteristics of the tarpaulin material, color migration may occur depending on storage conditions. Please note that it is not completely waterproof and cannot prevent water from entering through the zipper or needle holes in the sewn parts.


Main storage that opens wide. There is an open pocket on the back side.

There is another zippered storage on the front side.

The front part has a fastener style pocket.

The front storage is made of mesh.

There is also a zippered storage on the back side.

Buckle that can be opened and closed with one touch.

An original keychain is included with the looped tape.

Piss name common to the series.

The front zipper is a waterproof zipper.