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SPOT waist bag

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The main body material is 0.2 mm thick P.V. C. C. Coated 600D polyester to increase waterproof. The polyester fabric serving as a base fabric is a dye that is stained with a dye that does not contain harmful substances such as hexavalent chromium during dyeing. In addition to processing so that the fabric's woven fabric comes out in the embossed roll, it uses 0.44 mm thick terpoline with a depth of the fabric surface, and has very high waterproofness and durability. The mesh used for the front pocket weaves with nylon yarn and dips the dimensions with dipping to the PVC while dipping the dimensions. The intensity is enhanced using two types of fabrics in the loaded part. Cordura® Brand Fabric FABRIC Standards with 66 nylon yarns (bright threads) of 420D (Breito yarn) are provided to Laminated and laminated a tricot nylon, MasterTex-05 nylon, and durable on the back of 1680d nylon with two threads with twisted yarns with twisted threads. P.V. C. C. C. C. C. C. C. C.) Become a coated fabric. A looped tape at the design point can be added with the original key ring included with all models. The storage space of the mesh part can be used as a space for putting sandals and wet towels, and the pocket of the water resistant fastener is a highly waterproof pocket because both sides are fitted by tarpoline.
Size W300 H200 D60 mm
Weight Approximately 450g

0.2mm thick PVC coding back 600D polyester /0.44mm thick embossed tarpoline /PVC mesh /MasterteX-05 (Cordura®420d nylon 100% moisture-breathable waterproof film L-vent® laminates processing) /1680d Nylon back PVC


Due to the characteristics of the torpolin material, color shift may occur depending on the storage status. Please note that water cannot be prevented from the zipper or sewing part, which is not completely waterproof.


Main storage that opens wide. There is an open pocket on the back side.

There is even more zipper storage on the front side.

The front part has a zipper pocket.

The storage of the front part is mesh.

There is also a zipper storage on the back side.

A buckle that can be opened and closed with one touch.

The tape attached in a loop is included with an original key chain.

Pis name common to the series.

The zipper on the front part is a water stop zipper.