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Knitt one hand Tote Bag

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The main body material is knit made up of two kinds of polyester thread and only two longitudinal threads woven into two layers. The back side is a black original underwear which is excellent in fastness and dyeable polyester thread on the front side, and dyed the thread on the front side by postdyeing. It is made of the knit fabric of the impression which has a three-dimensional depth by the appearance of a black layer on the back side of the dyed side. It is one piece, but it is finished like two sheets. Since it becomes soft material, it becomes soft silhouette so that the form of the bag becomes familiar with the body when used. The color code that can be used as a key holder to accent is the point of design.
Size About 560g
Weight W500h430 d20mm

Piece-dyed polyester knit


The main body material is not resistant to friction or scratches. Please note that uneven coloring, stains, changes in texture, and discoloration may occur if the product gets wet from rain or sweat, or due to friction with the fabric.


Main storage that opens wide for easy viewing of contents. There is a zipper pocket on the back side.

There is a zipper pocket on the front.

Main storage can be opened and closed with hook.

The color code that can be used as the key holder for the accent is the design point.

It is possible to attach carabiners to the looped tape.

A common metal pretname for the series.