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Spacecuol x Master-Piece shoulder pouch No.02273

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[The coolness of the shade in the world. A collaboration series with Spacecuol, which has the theme of you with the cooling of "Zero Energy" and the environment, and the theme of delivering really safe and comfortable coolness in all worlds.

The fabric used for the flap that covers the main unit uses a new material fabric made by SPACECOOL, which is laminated with the 6 -class polyester canvas, using the high -performance, high -durable supple optical film "SPACECOOL".
The radiant cooling material "Spacecool" not only blocks the heat from sunlight and the atmosphere to reduce heat absorption in the space, but can also discard heat in the universe and make it lower than the outside air with zero energy. Masu. In the summer performance experiment of radiant cooling material, it offers a cooling capacity of 70-100w/ m², which is 2 to 6 ° C lower than the outside air temperature, and the cooling capacity is 70-100w/ m².

The main material is Cordura®brand Fabric, which is a 3-layer structure original fabric, MasterteX-04TM nylon, which has the strength and waterproofness for friction, tear, and slipping, which meet the standards.
Furthermore, the attached material leather can be easily attached to the leather with waterproof and tanned leather and the buckle that stops the flap with a magnet.

Precision devices such as lunch packs and laptops, an eco -like high -performance bag that protects the luggage that is vulnerable to heat from sunlight and outside air.
Size W135 H200 D70 mm
Weight Approximately 240g

Spacecool (No. 6 Polyester Canvas)
MasterteX-04 ™ (CORDURA® 500D × 840D Fabric 66 Nylon 100% moisture-breathable waterproof film L-vent® laminated)
Nylon mesh
Waterproof leather


Please note that it is not completely waterproof, so it cannot be prevented from invading water from the needle hole, which is the sewing part. If the nylon material is left for a long time while wet, the film on the back side may be peeled off or it may deteriorate, so be sure to dry it before storing. Water -repellent processing will be the surface processing, so if you use it, the effect will be diminished due to friction.
In addition, the water repellency is lost due to dust attached to the dough and other dirt. If it gets wet with rain or water, it may cause spots and discoloration, so if it gets wet, remove the water promptly. Please note that the specifications of the product are subject to change without notice.


The buckle that fastens the flap is made of Master-Piece original buckle that can be easily attached and detached with a magnet.

Equipped with D -can on the right side of the main unit.

There is a stretch mesh pocket on the back of the main unit.

On the front side of the main unit, there is a convenient pocket for storing small items such as eye drops.

Equipped with a convenient pocket on the back side of the main storage for storage such as smartphones.

There is a loop inside the main storage inside the main storage.