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The main body material is made of two strands of 315D Hollofil AirTM (66 nylon hollow fiber), both warp and weft, made in a certified factory that meets INVISTA's CORDURA® brand fabric production and quality standards. This is a fabric that has passed the CORDURA® brandfabric standards and has strength against friction, tearing, and fraying. The back is coated with PU and laminated with L-VENT®, a special moisture-permeable waterproof film, to further increase water resistance, and it has a 3-layer structure with tricot nylon laminated. MSPC PRODUCT's original fabric "MASTERTEX-08TM" combines durability, water resistance, and water repellency.The attached material is high-quality steer leather from North America, and a waterproofing agent made by "3M" is applied at the tanning stage. It is placed in a drum and penetrates into the leather. Afterwards, it is dyed and oiled to create a base, and the company's waterproofing agent is also sprayed during the finishing stage to further increase waterproofness. Waterproof, oil-proof, and stain-proof leather that has passed 3M's "SCOTCHGARD_" monitoring test. The test is performed even if the surface is scraped, so the effectiveness will not be diminished. The bottom and other materials are made of INVISTA's 1680D Cordura Ballis® Tech Nylon, which has approximately five times the abrasion and tear strength and durability of regular nylon, and PVC processing on the back improves further strength and waterproofness. I'm letting you do it. In addition, in terms of functionality, the shoulder harness cushion uses Outlast®, a temperature-regulating material developed for NASA personnel, and the mesh material is finer-grained and more textured than previously used materials. We use the best products. At the bottom of the front, we have placed an original tape that is woven into a loop of tape with slits made from reflective fabric to ensure safety at night.
Size W240 H400 D125mm
Weight About 800g

MASTERTEX-08TM (CORDURA Ballistic® Hollofil AirTM 1260d fabric 100% nylon breathable waterproof film L-Vent® laminated)
CORDURA Ballistic® fabric 1680d nylon (PVC coating) / steer leather (3M SCOTCHGARD)


Because it is not completely waterproof, please note that it is not possible to prevent the penetration of water from the needle hole in the sewing part. If you leave the nylon material for a long period of time, leave the film on the back or peel off. The water repellent processing becomes the processing of the surface, and when it is used, the effect of friction is reduced. In addition, the water repellent power is lost by the dust and other dirt stuck on the cloth. After use, it is recommended to remove the dirt, and the dirt of the dirt repellent on the market Please use this product with water repellent. When I use it, I often read the notes carefully, so I try to blow it out. The attached Reza is the color of the material, and it comes with some color fray. Moreover, it has been understood that the change of color has become difficult.


Main storage that opens fully. There are pockets on the back and front.

There is a zipper pocket on the front.

There is a corded eggplant crown inside the front pocket. Convenient for storing keys etc.

The rear side also has a fastener pocket.It is convenient to store wallets and so on.

Carabins can be moved to the loop-like tape on the side of the loop.

When riding a bicycle or exercising, you can use the cross straps to secure your body and the bag.

The zipper pull has leather.

Piss name for CORDURA®BALLISTIC Hollofil AIR.

Plate name common to the series.