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BRAIN leather shoulder bag

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The body material is ECCO leather original leather finished in Tanery in the Netherlands. High quality leather from Europe is chrome tanned, and the gin (silver) surface is finished as naturally as possible. If you strain the leather thinly, it will be soft and lighter, but it is bonded by his Inema fiber on the back of the leather to keep the strength. Dynamic fibers are fibers with light weight and strength used for some parts of bulletproofed checks. The attached leather does not use any of the harmful substances in the human body, a hexavalent chromium, and he uses eco -nome cow leather tanned with zitable tannin. The silhouette unique to the use of a thinly finished leather is dropped into the design, and the front pocket is a series that gives a luxury with the attached fittings, such as using the Exceler fancy.
Size W180 H210 D80mm
Weight About 370g

Shrink leather (dyneema® bonding) / JES standard certification Econome Trees / High Density Nylon Tile


Due to the characteristics of the leather, color transfer and transformation color cannot be avoided. Please note that it may cause stain if it gets wet.


There is a pocket on the back side of the main storage.

There is a zipper pocket on the front side.

There is also a pocket on the back side.

The shoulder strap can be removed.

It has a leather strap.

The pocket on the front side uses an Exceler father.

A plate name common to the series.