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Brain Leather 2WAY Bag No.02240

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master-piece( Masterpiece)ofBrainA series of leather 2WAY bags.

The main body material is his ECCO leather original leather finished in a Dutch tannery. High-quality European leather is chrome tanned, and the silver side is finished as naturally as possible without any processing. When the leather is thinned, it becomes softer and lighter, but to maintain its strength, we bond inima fibers to the back of the leather. Dyneema fiber is a lightweight and strong fiber used in parts such as bulletproof vests. The attached leather is made from eco-nume cow leather that is tanned with our own ditable tannins without using any hexavalent chromium, a substance that is harmful to the human body. This series incorporates the silhouette unique to the use of thinly finished leather into the design, and gives it a luxurious feel with attached hardware such as the front pocket using an Excela zipper.

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Size W280 H395 D110mm
Weight About 900g

Dyneema ® bonding/JES standard authentication economy/high density nightningle


Due to the characteristics of leather, color migration and discoloration cannot be avoided. Please note that it may stain if it gets wet.


The main storage of the main storage system.The rear side of the screen provides a space for the notebook PC and tablet to be able to store.

The front part also has fastener pockets.

There is also a zipper pocket on the back side.

A handle is on top of the backpack.

The front pocket uses an Excela zipper.

The side handles are fastened together with hooks.

Shoulder strap is available.

A common pretname for the series.

The back zipper can pass through the carry bar.