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RUSH Sakoshish

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The body fabric is used in combination with the nylon tile of 70d, the yoko yarn 200d, and the 420d nylon ox. These fabrics are processed by DuPont's Teflon®, and there are high-performance water repellent and antifouling functions. It is a series that has a feature that is characterized by light material and coloring.
Size W245 H190 D10mm
Weight About 200g

70D × 200d Nylon twill / 420d nylon ox


The body fabric is applied by water -repellent processing, but the effect gradually diminishes due to aging and friction. Also, be careful of strong rain because it is not completely waterproof.


Main storage with two layers before and after.

There is also a pocket in the center.

There is also a pocket on the front part.

The length of the shoulder strap can be adjusted.