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The main reza is a resilience to the "SCOTCHGARD ®" monitoring of the waterproof protection, which has passed the test.In the North American country's good quality stealzers, it is sterilous with 3M-made waterproof agents, with dyeing, oil, and a lower ground.Even after the completion of the work, the water's waterproofing agent has been spotked, painted on the surface, and increased waterproofing.The hydrophobic and waterproofing tests are processed so that the surface of the waterway is shaved, so that it is highly sustaining.In order to use the dyes and wax only to make use of the original weathering of the reza, the use of dyes and wax can be used, and the use of it becomes more delicious and tasty and deep. The material attached to the dorsal side is a 66 nylon string with a CORDURA ® brand fabric standard, with 420d, the 420d, which is the light silk thread. In order to make the most of this, the three layers of the L-Vent ®, a special permeable waterproof film, and the MASTERTEX-05 nylon are used in the three layers of the L-Vent ® waterproof film L-Vent ®, which is prepared for friction, tore, and scraps.This is a typical 420d-class dough, and the number of the dough is 20 % and the number of the dough is more than 20 %, and the strength of the dough is growing.66 Nylon's fates are using the light thread, so it's a very deep glossy.In the back, the master -- the piece of the piece, the piece of the piece, and the oli, the carat, and the jakat, are used.SCOTCHGARD ® Lesaakee, Oritat, Narfakh, and Ric, MASTERTEX-05, are used to make the most of the three-dimensional cutlery, with a functional sirese that is equipped with the storage suitable for storage.

Size W270 H430 D120 (mm)
Weight About 1270g

Steer leather (3M SCOTCHGARD®) MASTERTEX-05 (CORDURA® 420d fabric 66 nylon 100% breathable waterproof film L-Vent® laminated)


The main material is a little bit of piglet.Also, please note that the characteristics of the materials cannot be changed.It is also waterproof processing for SCOTCHGARD ®, but the water from the sewing part or the boundary of the part is not immune to water.As for the accompanying nylon material, if you leave it wet for a long time, it will be a cause of dissociation or deterioration, so please be sure to dry it and keep it dry.