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master-piece × MIZUNO racket bag No.02181-MZ

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The main body fabric is 300D polyester printed with master-piece original camouflage, and the surface is coated with environmentally friendly 0.4mm thick colored non-phthalate PVC. Furthermore, we use fabric that has been embossed and stained on the surface to give it a very deep look. The included fabric is CORDURA Ballistic® fabric 1680d nylon, which is more durable than regular nylon and is resistant to friction and tearing. By aligning two twisted threads of 840d vertically and 840d horizontally, the fabric has even stronger friction and tear strength. The attached leather is the glove leather used in MIZUNO's baseball gloves. The raw leather is mainly steer leather from Arizona. Although it is chrome tanned, it is thick, lightweight, and has unique elasticity. It is required to have a variety of things such as durability and heat resistance, and it is also characterized by good color development and because there is no core, the color matches the cross-section of the leather. In addition, since it is finished with a bare finish, you can enjoy the natural aging of the leather. NO.02180-MZ is a bag that can hold 6 rackets. In addition to storing shoes, the compartment is two-layered, and it is common to store three rackets on one side and a change of clothes on the other. In addition to storing shoes, the NO.NO.02181-MZ daypack can hold two rackets on the back side, but most of the time it only holds one racket. Normally, you can store your laptop in it, and the four zipper sliders make it easy to access from the top or side. This is a new style racket bag series that combines master-piece's fashion and functionality with MIZUNO's know-how.
Size W310 H480 D210mm
Weight About 1250g

300d Hobolia Riestel Labyrinent (0.4mm thick PVC cotinck)/CORDURA Ballistic ® fabric 1680d nylon
The lough, Léza, and MIZUNO.


Please be careful not to prevent the intrusion of water from the sewing, because it is not fully waterproof, so it is not possible to break in from a needle.If nylon material is wet for a long time, it will be a cause for dissociation or dissociation, and it will be the cause of the indifference, so please keep it dry and save it.The hydrophobic process becomes surface-processing, and it becomes less effective when it is used as a result of friction with the use of the water.In addition, the hydrophobic force will be lost due to the hollow and other fillery on the dough.It is recommended that after the use of it, it is moderately fumpable, and it is used to drop dirt and use the commercially available fukizu-sufu rayi (a rice-water-water-like rice-water-water-like).Please note that the lousers used in the appendage are vulnerable to the heavy rain of the characterization of the property, and that they are wet to the shimi.*Please use a plucked water spoff with a material used in the material.When you use it, please read your attention carefully, and then try to blow it up and blow it by the end of the test.


Main storage that opens wide for easy viewing of contents.

There is a pocket with partition on the front side.

On the bottom there is a pocket that shoe can hold.

It is possible to put two racket into the back side storage. Storage of notebook PC etc.

You can secure the racket with Velcro.

Double zip specifications.

There is a zipper pocket on the front.

There are also pockets on the sides.

The attached leather is the glove leather used in MIZUNO's baseball gloves.

You have a seat belt that can fix the left and right shoulder straps.

Double name of metal plate and leather.

Master-piece original camouflage is printed on the main body material.

The shoe pocket at the bottom of the back has a vent.


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