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Master-Piece original camouflage is printed on 300d polyester on the main body fabric, and the surface is coated with a 0.4 mm thick non-futaric acid PVC on the surface. Furthermore, a fabric is made with a very deep expression by applying embossing and dirty processing to the surface. The attached fabric is more durable than normal nylon, and uses Cordura Ballistic® Fabric 1680D nylon, which is more durable and resistant to friction and tear. By pulling two twisted yarns of the vertical 840D horizontal 840D, the fabric is finished in a fabric with a more friction and tear strength. The attached leather will be a grab leather used in Mizuno for field gloves. The protozo is mainly steero leather in Arizona. It is thick, lightweight, and has a unique elasticity. Various things such as durability and heat resistance are required, and it is also characterized by the fact that the color development is good and the color scheme is not through the core. In addition, since it is finished by raising it, you can enjoy the natural change of leather. No.02180-MZ is a bag with six la cats. In addition to shoes, the compartment is a double -layer type, and it is common to put three rackets on one side and the other on the other. No.NO.02181-MZ Daypack can be used in addition to shoes, and two rackets can be included on the back body, but basically only one is included. Normally, the laptop can be stored, and it has four zipper sliders, making it easier to access from the top and the side. A new style racket bag series that combines the fashion and functionality of Master-Piece with the know-how of Mizuno.
Size W770 H340 D250mm
Weight About 2560G

300D polyester camouflage print (0.4mm thick PVC coating / embossed) / CORDURA BALLISTIC® Fabric 1680D Nylon Grab Leather (Mizuno)


Please note that it is not completely waterproof, so it cannot prevent water from entering from the needle hole, which is the sewing part. If you leave the nylon material for a long time while wet, the film on the back will be peeled off or may deteriorate, so be sure to dry it before storing. Water -repellent processing will be the surface processing, so if you use it, the effect will be diminished due to friction. In addition, the water repellency is lost due to dust and other dirt attached to the fabric. After use, it is recommended that you remove dirt by brushing moderately and use commercially available water -repellent sprays frequently. Please note that the leather used for the attached is vulnerable to the rain due to the characteristics of the raw raw raw, and if it gets wet, it will be spots. * Please use the water -repellent spray that matches the material. When using it, read the notes carefully and then try it in an inconspicuous part.


Main storage that can store six tennis rackets.

It is possible to include changing clothes for storage on the other side.

There is a mesh pocket inside.

A pocket that can store shoes.

Pocket with detailed partitions.

Side pocket.

There is a handle at the top of the bag.

The attached leather is a grab leather used for baseball grabs in mizuno.

Double name of metal plate and leather.