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Master piece × Mizuno l Zipper Wallet

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The main body leather becomes a grab leather that is used for the baseball grab by Mizuno. The leather coat is mainly leather. It has thickness, light weight, and unique elasticity. It is characterized by various colors such as durability and heat resistance, and the color of the leather and color of the leather. In addition, it is finished with the lifting, so you can enjoy the original aging of the leather. It becomes a collaboration series with the sports brand Mizuno who has the embossed logo of the w name on the front point.
Size W120 H90 mm

Glove leather


Please note that leather is sensitive to rain due to its bare texture and will stain if it gets wet.


The cards are included in the card and the coins are placed in small coins.

The fastener is marked with an MSPC stamp.

master-piece × MIZUNO type-collaboration name.

Master piece × The collaboration name of Mizuno is marked.