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MIZUNO Middlewallet No. 02135-MZ

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The body leaser is MIZUNO and is the grapher used for the baseball grabs.The original skin is primarily a stealer in Arizona.You have a thick, lightweight, lightweight resilience with a chrome that's being exempliable.It is characterized by a variety of things such as durability and heat-resistant, and it is also characterized by the cross-section and coloring of the rezers because they are not coloring or intertwitting.Also, since it is finished with a bare up, it can be enjoyed by the change of the original age of leather.This will be a collaboration series with the MIZUNO sports brand, which is the point where the W-name embosrogo is the point of the front.
Size W120 H100 mm



Please note that leather is sensitive to rain due to its bare texture and will stain if it gets wet.


Main storage that can be opened and closed with a hook.

On the back side, there is a small zipper type zipper insert.

The interior fabric is master-piece original jacquard fabric.

The interior has a bill compartment.

master-piece × MIZUNO type-collaboration name.

The collaboration name of master-piece x MIZUNO is also engraved on the case.


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