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Left 3way bag 02118-n

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Masterpiece of master MA-1 is a super waterproof and durable master piece (master piece) series series. Authentic Military FabricStorage capacity is excellentBrief caseYou can arrange shoulder bag and backpack.The backpack that projects the functionality, the design, and the individuality and age is active in the school, Neo business and town youth.

A vintage twill made of vintage flight jacket
Water repellent on the surface of cloth, waterproof function on the back
Eco eco eco leather
Laptop PC
  Brief caseLeather Mini Shoulder Bag
Luggage adjustment by luggage
Back to carry bar
Size W440 H310 D100mm
Weight About 1000g

Ultra-high density nylon twill (super water-repellent coated) / Toray Industries, Inc. 1680d hollow fiber nylon 100% / JES standard certified eco-numerous leather


I have a water-plucked water coat on the dough, and it's more likely that the water or the water will be swooped due to high water pressure.Flipping or polished water becomes less effective in the water supply environment.The reza, which is used as an appendome, is a dye in order to make use of the texture of the original, and the color of dye is the same, and the color of the dye is slightly more and more.Also, in the characteristics of bare water, the color of devot is not used to be avoided, and it is accepted and approved.


The main storage is fully open for easy viewing of the contents. The interior has a zipper pocket and a mesh pocket.

There is a vertical zipper pocket on the front.

There is also a zipper pocket on the top.

The bottom part is also with fastener pockets.

On the back side there is a pocket that can store the notebook PC and the magazine.

The strap is removable.

It can be used as a backpack with the shoulder strap stored on the back.

There is a belt on the back that can be passed through the carry bar.

Common leather type press name.

Gold fittings are also engraved with the logo for the masterpiece.