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Lightning backpack No.02116-N

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Lightning series of Master-Piece (masterpiece), which is super water repellent and excellent durability with the vintage MA-1 fabric as a motif. A backpack featuring a full -fledged military fabric and a design that combines arch and square -type details. It is excellent in functionality and makes it feel unique and times of age, and is also used in schools, neo businesses, and town use.

The body fabric is a nylon twill with a vintage flight jacket dough as a motif.
・ Water -repellent processing on the surface of the fabric, waterproof function on the back
・ Uses environmentally friendly eco -laser
・ Use draw cord for main storage so that the contents are easy to see.
・ Even if you do not open the flap, you can access the main storage from the side zipper
Gussy can be adjusted by luggage
・ Drink holder on the side

Size W250 H435 D130 (mm)
Weight Approximately 640g

Ultra -high -density nylon twill (super water -repellent coat processing) / Torai Co., Ltd.


Water -repellent coat is applied to the main body fabric, but there is a possibility that moisture may soak due to high water pressure. The water -repellent effect is weakened depending on the wear and used environment. The leather used for the attached is finished only with dyes to take advantage of the original texture of the leather, so there is some color blurring. Also, please note that the transignment color cannot be avoided due to the characteristics of the rising.


There is a zipper pocket on the back of the main storage.

Pockets that are convenient for storing notepads and pens are subdivided on the front of the main storage.

The upper part of the front pocket is convenient for storing accessories and gadgets that frequently put in and out.

There is a front pocket on the front.

The back pocket is convenient for storing valuables such as wallets.

There is a drink holder on the side.

The buckle belt attached to the shoulder strap can be fixed to the body.