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GAME -NEON Ver.- Backpack

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The main fabric is a nylon twill that is woven at ultra -high density, using a 70D and 210D yarn thread than a general high -density twill fabric, using a vintage flight jacket fabric as a motif. The number of threads drives is about 20%, and there is a sense of harassment and stiffness, making it a material that is difficult to pass through water. In addition, it is color -developed while using semi -thread, and has a moderate glossy feeling. The surface is durable, a super water -repellent coat, and a polyurethane coat is applied to the back to a waterproof fabric. An original silicone part that adds a fresh taste, a woven logo with a high -density logo. The storage portions bordered by the rubber sheet are made of moisture permeability and waterproof fabric, so it has a high water -resistant specification. Gimocks are applied to the nylon code extended from the front zipper to open and close smoothly. By adding a neon color in the attached color, it is finished in a sports mode impression.
Size W300 H470 D200 (mm)
Weight About 690g

Ultra -high -density nylon twill (super water -repellent coat processing) / Nylon canvas / silicon


The storage part with a rubber sheet is made of moisture -permeable waterproof fabric, but there is no waterproof function in the main body fabric.


There is a mesh pocket in the main storage.

Laptops, tablets, magazines, etc. can be stored in the storage on the back side.

A gimmick that opens and closes smoothly by the nylon code extended from the front zipper.

There is also a zipper pocket on the front.

The zipper tape is printed with a master-piece logo.

The shoulder strap has a chest belt to fix the left and right.