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GOOPi MADE × master-Buckback Pack No. 02050-GO

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The main material is an environmentally friendly, environmentally-friendly, environmentally-friendly, environmentally friendly lime-riester, with a coating of 600d holody riurethane on the surface, and the coating of matting tones is a distinctive material and is a distinctive material.The dough that is used in hoarket is usually about five times as much as a nylon, 1680d cote, and durability is used in the 1680d coate of INVISTA, which is used in a rystic. The hikite has a high-density collar, a weaving name, and an adjunct silicon Harez is also a narcusic. The expropriation portion, which has been dusted in a rahal area, is a waterproof specification with a waterproof waterproof dough, which has been opened or closed by a nylon coating from the front fasner, and has been mimic since it was closed or closed. It is a peculiar moteguri (a kind of oratory), which is a type of hassho-tsuru (a type of hasshrous), which is not used in a standard style, and is a woven cod, which is a woven name, and has a special motto, which is worn by the knagu (a traditional maid).
Size W300 H470 D200 mm
Weight About 17L / About 1030g

600d polyester (highly durable PU coating)/CORDURA Ballistic® fabric 1680d nylon (PU coating) CORDURA® 610d fabric 100% polyester/cow leather silicone


The dough comes from a high-durable PU coating material, but it can be dissociated due to strong friction and degradation in use. If you leave it wet for a long time, it can cause color loss or deterioration, so make sure you dry it and save it. Also, please note that the dough is likely to be placed in the dough, as it is placed under a humid situation. There are some color beets that are used for the appendage.Please note that the characteristics of the materials cannot be avoided.


It has a gimmick that allows for smooth opening and closing with a nylon cord extending from the front zipper.

The fastener pockets in front pockets are provided with an eggplant-attached code, which is useful for attaching keys, etc.

It features a collaborative original graphic design.

There is a pocket inside the front pocket that can be opened and closed with a hook and loop fastener.

The reverse side of the front side is also provided with a similar guimmick.

There is a pocket inside the front pocket that can be opened and closed with a hook and loop fastener.

The inside of the zipper pocket inside the front pocket is split into two layers.

The front part has a waterproof zipper.

Comes with a black and gold carabiner, which is the symbol of master-piece's link series.

There is a looped cord on the back side.

The shoulder strap can be opened and closed with a buckle.

Comes with a clear magnetic buckle.

The rear fastener pockets can be stored by the MacBook Pro13inch.

Main storage that opens wide in the center.

There is a zipper pocket on the back of the main storage.