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hook buckle key ring keyring No. 02003

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master-piece( Masterpiece)hook buckle key ringKeeling of the series.We use an eco-steer, which is a high quality North American made of North America, with a chrome, and a 100 % tangent of a chrome. As for the color of the color, it is used to make a sense of dye with a thin dye in order to keep the sense of transparency.The master-piece Oriishi, which can be replaced by your okonomique, has the hook-knuckle, which is a holly-int, with a double-link and a suspension-plated metal fittings, and it has a high level of high quality, with the stick-and-the-saucer, and the rushes.

Size W35 H80 mm

Italian cow leather


There are some colored beets because they use a lot of dyes to make a lot of the texture, rather than using pigments at all. Also, please accept that the color of change cannot be avoided due to the characteristics of the Raise.rain or water, which causes them to be the cause of the cyme and the discoloration.
If you get wet, you should quickly remove the water air. It is not available for use in full-fledgling outdoers such as climbing and rocking climbing.


Comes with multiple key rings and an eggplant crown.

Metal eggplant crown.

The front backer contains the master-piece logo.