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Snaps Key Holder

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North American high-quality dairy-teasing uses an ecoreazer that has been tanned with 100% tannin without chromium. For those that are colored, the dye is finished as thinly as possible to leave a transparency. Nascan, D-ring, snap, etc. are used to point the hook of Orica Nar, and it is serious feeling, and you can also enjoy the change as well as leather.
Size W110 H90 D15mm

Bridle leather


* Because this product is an outlet product, we cannot respond to returned or exchanged. There is a phenomenon in which the bloomed wax, which is soaked in the surface, which is the characteristic of bridle leather, remains white on the surface. When it is cold, it is easy to appear because the wax is particularly hardened on the surface. Normally, while using it, it can be removed naturally by friction, dissolve it with frictional heat, soaked in again, but if you are worried, wipe it with a soft cloth or brush. Also, be careful of wet because it is manufactured only with natural foods such as plant tannins. It is easy to absorb water and spots may be formed. Please use bridle leather for care products such as cream.


The original hook is engraved with Master-Piece.

An easy -to -remove brass gear eggplant.

There are four snaps that can attach keys.