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Aging Leather 2WAY Tote No.01851-MS

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Master piece( Master piece)AgingLeather 2WAY tote bag.

In the main body, the wax is hand worked on the surface of the quilt of the chrysanthemum. It is finished to the leather which can be enjoyed even if it is fine and the aging is changed. The attached Kaiser is Nutcracker is made by adding a fine hexagon to the leather surface of the leather. The interior of this product is made of small size storage and urethane PC, and it has a functional surface.

Size W370h360140 (mm)
Weight About 1570g



The rezers of the main body do not use pigments, but only the dye is done with a dye only to make the texture of the Reza, so there are some colored beets. Also, please accept that the characteristic of Raise is also not changed.Please note that the appendome of the nubac is a paper on the gimma, so it is easy to change the characteristics of the uprising leather, wet to the rain or water, and therefore the color of the color is the origin of the color shimi.
Since the surface of the body is waxed on the surface of the body, please refrain from using the waterproof spray and so on, so please refrain from using the water spray, etc., because it causes a murmur.