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aging 2WAY briefcase L No.01850-v3

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The leather has the depth and depth of the original leather color, and has a fine texture that allows you to enjoy deterioration over time.
Everything from materials to accessories.Master-piece's aging series has a luxurious finish.
This 2-way bag is not only made of high-quality materials, but also has business-friendly gimmicks such as an interior organizer pocket, and is both functional and beautiful.

・Can store laptops and tablets separately
・Keys can be attached inside the main storage
・Compartments that allow you to sort storage details
・Button decoration to keep the handle together
・For the zipper, he uses YKKEXCELLA®
・The interior fabric uses original jacquard fabric.
・Shoulder is removable
Size W390 H300 D100mm
Weight About 1340 grams.

Kip Nume Leather / Cow Leather Nubuck


Wax is carefully applied by hand to the surface of the kip leather, which is tanned with vegetable tannins, and heat is applied during the finishing stage to create the contrast of light and shade seen on the leather surface, creating depth and depth of color. We use leather that gives a sense of style.
Because it is made of kip leather, it has a fine texture and can be enjoyed as it changes over time.
The included cow leather nubuck has a fine texture by covering the surface of the leather with coarse to fine paper.
The interior has subdivided storage and a urethane-filled PC pocket, making it highly functional, and the zipper uses his YKKEXCELLA® for a luxurious finish.


The back of the main compartment has a pocket for a Mac Book Pro 13 inch and a tablet.

The cushioning material protects the machine from impact.

The dough uses the original dough.

The front of the main storage has finely divided pockets and a zipper pocket.

A key can be attached inside the main storage

It is double-layered and has a zipper pocket.

The front desk has two pockets.

The rear side is also equipped with a two-tier fastener pocket.

A handle can be grouped together.

The shoulder strap is removable.