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Brief 2WAY brief case L no0050-v3

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Leather that gives the depth of the original color and depth of the feeling to the finish to enjoy the deterioration of the aging of the leather.
From material to attached decorationMaster piece (aging) series.
It is a 2WAY bag that combines the gimmick for business such as interior organizer pocket as well as fine material, and has functional beauty.

Laptop and tablet
Key can be installed in main storage
Components divided into small pieces
Button decoration with handles
FAQ - YKK Expo ® Using
Interior fabric is made of original silk
Shoulder detachable
Size W390 H300 D100mm
Weight About 1340 grams.

Kip Nume Leather / Cow Leather Nubuck


In the body, the wax is carefully filled with the wax on the surface of the bare-tasted tanned kitchen, and the heat is added to the surface of the leather by adding heat to the surface of the finish, and the color depth and depth sensation is used for the leather.
Kimime, a kipland, is finished with a leather that can enjoy the change of the year.
The courezanuac is fine-grained by pacing the leather gillside from the rough paper of the guard to the fine paper.
The interior is provided with a small collection of PC pockets, and the functional aspects are improved, and the fasteners use YKK EXCELLA ®, which has a high level of high quality.


On the back of main storage is a Mac Book Pro 13 inch, and a tablet with a tablet, etc.

Cushion the machine from shock.

The interior fabric uses original jacquard fabric.

The front of the main storage has finely divided pockets and a zipper pocket.

A key can be attached inside the main storage

It is double-layered and has a zipper pocket.

There are two pockets on the front.

The back side also has a two-layer zipper pocket.

A handle can be grouped together.

The shoulder strap is removable.