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The main material is the production of CORDURA ® brand fabric, the certified factory meets the quality standards, with two twists of the 210d of 66 nylon, and the other two are used for the tate and yoko, and the superior orishi is in the duo-resistant consistency, and the alfaaf is Rick, MASTERTEX-07.The surface of the dough is water-mizu-processing, and on the back side, the special-permeable humidification film L-Vent ® is laminated, and a three-layer structure with a three-layer structure containing a trichotnayron is equipped with a waterproof function of 20,000mm lehor with a water supply pressure of 20,000mm.Also, Halik has a group of MASTERTEX-04, 05, and 06, which is the same as that of Narfakh, which is also the same as in Narfaff.The material provided with accessories is also used as a waterproof reza, while the bottom material uses the 1680D coate of INVISTA, which is usually about five times as much as the wear, tearing, and durability of the nylon, using the ristech ® nylon, and further strength and waterproofing are improved by using PVC processing on the back side.The "m-strap", which reduces the weight of the luggage, is equipped with an alligate mechanism.The cushion that touches the body is used by the temperature control material, outer material, and the temperature control material that was developed for NASA.A hackle with a shrieked shackle and a shackle, a shackle, is a new design that is stronger than the one.The "Sisf" flecks of the master-piece, which used to be used as materials or expropriating materials that were considered to be used in the street, were used for the "Sipper" and the "Siph" - flavour.
Size W280 h535d170 mm about 20 L
Weight About 1000 grams

MASTERTEX-07 (CORDURA Ballistic® 420d fabric 100% nylon breathable waterproof film L-Vent® laminated) /MASTERTEX-04 (CORDURA® 500d×840d fabric 66 nylon 100% breathable waterproof film L-Vent® laminated) / MASTERTEX-05(CORDURA®420d 100% breathable waterproof film L-Vent® laminated) /MASTERTEX-06(CORDURA® 100d × 420d NYLON 100% breathable waterproof film L-Vent® laminated) /CORDURA Ballistic® fabric 1680d nylon (PVC coating) / waterproof leather


Since it is not completely waterproof, it is not possible to prevent a water infiltration such as a needle that is a sewing part.If nylon material is wet for a long time, it will be a cause for dissociation or deterioration, so please keep it dry and keep it in storage.The hydrophobic processing is the processing of the surface, so the use of the water becomes less effective as a result of friction, such as friction.In addition, the hydrophobic force will be lost due to hokoli and other fillery on the fabric.We recommend that you use a commercially available plectrum spray spray spray spray by using a moderately brushing, etc. after you use it.


A drawcord is used in the main storage to make it easy to see the contents.

A drawcord is used in the main storage to make it easy to see the contents.

The main storage is also accessible from the side fasteners.The rear side has fastener pockets.

The back PC pocket can store up to 15 inch laptop.

The front fastener pocket is attached with an eggplant and is capable of attaching keys and so on.

The buckle is the design point of the series.

There is a water bottle pocket on the side.

The side gusset is adjustable.

The flap is also fastener with a fastener hodket.

The shoulder strap is equipped with the original "m-strap", which reduces the weight of the luggage.

I use Outlast in the body part of the waist and back body.This is an Outlast coinage, developed for NASA, with the ability to maintain a comfortable temperature (31 °C to 33 °C) by absorbing excess heat from the body, absorbing excess heat from the body, and releasing the accumulated heat of the microkafu cell, which is the result of the coated hassle-lapine wax.

You can attach keys, carabiners, chest belts, etc. to the shoulder strap.