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Gloss key chain

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The main body material uses high -quality domestic raw skins, including the "3M" waterproofing material "Scotchgard®" for dyeing tyco, and a high waterproof effect is obtained by finishing the waterproofing material as a whole. , The effect is finished so that it lasts longer. The leather surface uses dyes and pigments to give a transparency, but after adjusting to a natural color and atmosphere, and then spraying a water -repellent agent on the surface to gain a higher waterproof effect. It will be waterproof, antifouling and oilproof leather that passed the monitoring test of "ScotchGARD®". The lining of the water stop zipper part placed on the front of the series is a specification that enhances water resistance by using a 3 -layer material. It is a standard model that can be used in business situations from everyday use.
Size W35 h70mm

Waterproof cow leather (Scotchgard®)


Please note that water can not be prevented from the zipper or the needle hole, which is the sewing part, as it is not completely waterproof. Leather has some color blurring and transigned colors due to the characteristics of the dyeing method.


Metal eggplant crown.

There are multiple key rings and one eggplant crown.

Foil stamping name common to the series.