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GLOSS Sling Bag No.01642-V2

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The main body material uses a combination -tanned cow leather.
It is finished in leather that combines suppleness and durability by containing more tannins.
When coloring with a dye, it contains a small amount of wax to create a transparency, leaving the original texture of the leather.
The attached leather uses eco -nomeres tanned with vegetable tannins without using any of the 13 kinds of standards of the Japan Leather Technology Association, which has been tested (JES) and has no harmful of the human body, a hexavalent chrome.
This is an update version that reviews the size and functions of Master-Piece classic Gloss series.

Size W185 H400 D100mm
Weight Approximately 660g

Cow leather/JES standard certification Econome Terrace


Please note that water can not be prevented from the zipper or the sewing part, such as from the needle hole, which is the sewing part. Leather has some color blurring and transigned colors due to the characteristics of the dyeing method.