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Densely harrinbone coaching 2WAY backpack No. 01389-hc

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The master taste (master piece) HC series using elegant material and leather for casual taste type.
It is a material with a velvet suede that is strong to the wound and the color transfer by applying two layer coating to the middle flesh to the linen material.
It is a 2WAY backpack that combines quality material and functional beauty, of course.

Double layer PVC coating on LiNbO material
Notebook PC, etc
Leather handle on side and top, and can be used as
Substantial components of multiple fastener pockets
Back to carry bar
Size W285 H420 D135 (mm)
Weight About 1000g

NC Herringbone (70% nylon/30% cotton) PVC coating oiled cow leather/cow leather suede


Due to the characteristics of PVC, the main body material may change color due to chemicals, solvents, or migration sublimation. Regarding the included suede, please note that due to the nature of brushed leather, the color fades easily, and if it gets wet with rain or water, it may cause color transfer to clothing, uneven color, or stains.


There are multiple zipper pockets inside the main compartment.

The rear exproprient has a pocket that can be exproprited by the PC.

The fastener pockets at the bottom of the rear are useful for exproprieting valuables.

There is also a zipper pocket at the top of the front. Convenient for storing small items that are frequently taken out and put in.

There is also a vertical zippered pocket. The ease of use when using it as a briefcase has also been taken into account.

The top of the bag has a leather handle.

It is possible to pass a carry bar through the Velcro on the back.