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Density Waist Bag No.01386

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A master series (master piece) series that uses elegant material and leather for casual taste type.
Compact and separate zipper pocket. The quality waist bag is an item that can be used for years to enjoy aging.

Fastener pocket on front, back and back
The hat is made of metal piece of master piece. Opening and closing one touch
On the bottom, think of durability and use suede
Size W280 H170 D50 (mm)
Weight approximately 490 grams

High Density Nylon Tail, Kaurether Kau, Ede.


The included leather does not use pigments and is finished with dyes to bring out the original texture of the leather, so there may be slight color variations. Also, due to the nature of the oil finish, the color will fade, so please be careful when wearing white clothing. Regarding suede, please note that due to the nature of brushed leather, the color fades easily, and if it gets wet with rain or water, it may cause color transfer to clothing, uneven coloring, or stains.


The main storage has a Velcro storage on the back side.

Fastener pocket is also on the front.

The rear side also has a fastener pocket.

It is made of metal of master piece. It is possible to open and close one touch.

The bottom is made of suede for durability.