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Density 3WAY briefcase

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A 110D semi -yarn for vertical yarn and a 210D bright yarn for a horizontal thread, and a fabric featuring a deep color that comes out by gaining two types of luster. The attached is applied to the cow leather tanned in a combination, and then finished it with a dye to give it a dye and the depth of the color, then the milling process (rubs in leather and put out the grain and luster). I use leather and suede finished in a unique texture. A series that uses elegant material and leather in a casual taste type.
Size W410 H280 D90 (mm)
Weight About 1100g

High -density nylon twill oiled cow leather cow leather suede


The attached leather does not use pigments, but is finished only with dyes to use the original texture of the leather, so there is some color blurring. In addition, please be careful about white clothing, etc., as the color will be discolored due to the characteristics of the oil finish. As for suede, it is easy to fall in color due to the characteristics of brushed leaks, and it may cause color transfer to clothes, uneven color, and spots if it gets wet with rain or water.


Equipped with a lot of storage, such as large pockets, zipper pockets, and pen hills.

The storage on the front side has multiple pockets with partitions.

The front has a zipper -type pocket, so it is convenient for storing frequently in and out accessories.

You can use it as a shoulder bag by attaching the attached belt. It is useful when you have a lot of luggage and become heavy. If not, you can easily remove it.

The handle has a belt to put together one.

Leather label common to the series with embossed.

The zipper on the back is equipped with a shoulder belt that can be used as a backpack.