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The main body material uses a fabric that has a special PVC coated fabric with the mid-meat Herinbon. Cotton uses Koma threads that are fine in cotton and have a unique and strong and strong texture of NC. The surface is subjected to a PVC coating and after further matting and reducing the friction and it is difficult to shift to leather and whistle to leather. Included, we use suede that brushed in velvet in the back of the cow leather.
Size W410 H280 D60 (mm)
Weight About 1000G

NC Herringbon (70%nylon/cotton 30%) PVC coating oiled cow leather/cow leather suede


The body material may be discolored by PVC's characteristic drugs, solvents, and migration sublimation. Please note that the attached suede is easy to drop in color due to the characteristics of brushed leather, and it may cause color transfer to clothes, uneven color, and stain if it gets wet with rain or water.


The main storage has a zipper pocket.

There is a hook -type pocket on the other side.

There is also a zipper pocket on the front part.

The handle has a hook that combines the left and right in one.

The back zipper has a built -in shoulder belt and can be used as a backpack.

The shoulder strap can be removed.

You can pass the carry bar on the back velcro on the back.