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Density 3WAY Brief Case No.01369

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A master series (master piece) series that uses elegant material and leather for casual taste type.
The shoulder bag, the briefcase, and the backpack are arranged in three ways, and it works in the business scene suitable for use.

Bottle holder with water bottle and PET bottle
Side and top handle.
Removable shoulder strap included. Available as 3way.
A hook that holds one's hand
Size W410280d60 (mm)
Weight About 1000 grams

High density nylon twill oiled cow leather cow leather suede


The included leather does not use pigments and is finished with dyes to bring out the original texture of the leather, so there may be slight color variations. Also, due to the nature of the oil finish, the color will fade, so please be careful when wearing white clothing. Regarding suede, please note that due to the nature of brushed leather, the color fades easily, and if it gets wet with rain or water, it may cause color transfer to clothing, uneven coloring, or stains.


The fasteners on the rear are equipped with a sholta that can be used as a backpack and a jerk.

Inside is equipped with a zippered pocket and a bottle holder that can hold water bottles and plastic bottles.

The other side is equipped with a large pocket, a zippered pocket, a pen holder, and many other storage areas.

The front is also equipped with a fastener-style hoboquet, which is convenient for expropriating small objects in the outfit.

It is a good time to use the sholta issue, which is to install the adjunct hem-old.It is useful when the luggage or luggage becomes too heavy.If you do not need it, you can easily remove it from the other.

The handles come with a belt to keep them together. The zipper uses a double zip and comes with a leather puller for ease of use and design.

Embossed leather label common to all series.


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