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Density Backpack No. 01359

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The Density series of master-pieces (masterpiece) using a material and a laser for casual teisto types.
This is a design backpack designed specifically for business, casual, and casual business that has just done so.

-Draw a draw code for main storage so that the contents are easily visible.
Main storage can be accessed from the side fasteners without having to open the flap
Fassner Pocket of Frapp is active in the collection of small articles.
Dlink holders on the side.
Size W260h460d190 (mm)
Weight approximately 890 grams

High density nylon twill oiled cow leather cow leather suede


The reza does not use pigments, but because of the texture of the Reza, there are some colored beets because it is only done with dyes in order to make a texture.Also, please note that white clothing is recommended because the color of the oiler is also used for the characteristic of the oil finishing.Please be aware that with regard to Suede, it is easy to change the characteristics of the uprising leather, wet with rain or water, and causes colour to the clothes, color mura, and shimi.


There is a zippered pocket inside to store small items.

Large luggage is also in the dolo code specification to make it easy.

Even if you don't have to open the top, the fasnas set in the site can be used to make things get out of the way.

The flaff is also equipped with a fastener-style hoboquet, which is convenient for expropriating small pieces of soup stock.

There is also a large zippered pocket on the front.

The side also has a pocket.

The common lessee and the ragae have been used as a type of pressing shriese.

There are belts on both sides that allow you to adjust the gusset.