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Density Backpack No.01359

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Master-piece's Density series uses elegant materials and leather in a casual style.
This backpack has a design that is perfect for both business and casual wear, making it easy to take things in and out.

・A drawcord is used in the main storage to make it easy to see the contents
・You can access the main storage from the side zipper without opening the flap.
・Flap zipper pocket is useful for storing small items
・Drink holder on the side
Size W260 H460 D190 (mm)
Weight About 890 grams

High density nylon twill oiled cow leather cow leather suede


The attached leather does not use the pigment, and it is finished with only the dye to make original texture of leather, there is some color blur. In addition, please take care not to wear white clothes, because the color of the oil finish. As for the suede, please take care that the color of the hair color is easy to color, and it may cause color shift, color unevenness and stains when wet to rain or water.


There's a fasner-style pockets inside, and they can store small objects.

Comes with a drawcord so you can easily fit large items.

The zipper on the side allows you to put things in and take them out directly without opening the top.

The flaff is also equipped with a fastener-style hoboquet, which is convenient for expropriating small pieces of soup stock.

There is also a large zippered pocket on the front.

There are also pockets on the sides.

Embossed leather label common to all series.

On both sites, there is a string to adjust the chasm.